my favorite playstation games! more to be added, most paragraphs are incomplete or not started!

parappa the rapper

i'd be suprised if you didn't know about this game. credited as pioneering the rhythm genre as a whole, parappa the rapper is about a rapping dog trying to win over his crush, sunny funny. made by masaya matsuura and released in the year 1996 for the playptation, it was pretty popular, generating merchandise and an anime; as well as having financial sucess and recieving critical praise. its art style and presentation were in the spotlight, its character designs by rodney greenblat were implemented into 3D by rendering the characters to be paper thin. why it died off? that's truly beyond me.

parappa the rapper 2

the sequel to parappa the rapper, strangely centered around parappa winning a lifetime supply of noodles and hating it. gameplay wise, it's pretty much the same as it's predecessor. the game released in 2001, but isn't nearly as talked about as the original. despite that, it's one hell of a good time.

um jammer lammy

um jammer lammy is a spinoff of the parappa the rapper series. this paragraph is incomplete

doko demo issyo

doko demo issyo is a little known game that released for the playstation in 1999 with support for the pocketstation, and released again in 2004 for the playstation portable. the game centered around toro inoue (aka the sony cat), a cat who wanted to become human. the games never released in the US. not much is known about the game, its contents, etc. likely because of the language barrier. this paragraph is incomplete

gitaroo man

gitaroo man is a rhythm game that was released for the playstation 2 in 2001 (japan) and in 2002 (elsewhere). a port was released for the playStation portable in 2006 titled gitaroo man lives! The game centers around a boy named u-1 who is the last legendary hero of the planet gitaroo and has to face off against the gravillian empire led by their prince, zowie. despite critical success, the game was produced in small quantities and is considered a rather rare cult game.

lsd dream emulator

LSD dream emulator is a wild ride from start to finish, produced by osamu sato based off the dream diary of an employee of asmik ace entertainment. the game saw a limited release in 1998 for the playstation and took a nosedive into obscurity, that is until the internet helped it resurface. sato had been making art using gaming platforms for a short while before working on the project, and wanted LSD to be more of an art piece than a game. this paragraph is incomplete (check "cool stuff" to play!)

vib ribbon

this paragraph is incomplete

the nightmare before christmas: oogie's revenge

this paragraph is incomplete

jumping flash!

this paragraph is incomplete


this paragraph is incomplete