What is Splatoon?

Splatoon is a Nintendo developed and published third-person shooter with titles for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. The team working on the game actually went through many designs and concepts for the playable characters, including tofu, rabbits, humans, and of course, squids!
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Splatoon is probably my favorite game! It really helps me relieve stress and is just super fun to play! I'd like to be able to play competitively on a team someday!
Splatoon really helped me during a time where I was really confused and frustrated with my life, and I feel like I owe it a lot. I'm mainly gonna just infodump abt it here, lol


Since I've been neck-deep in Splatoon for a while, I of course have some headcanons and theories for it! The one I like the most is the theory that Callie and Marie are actually cuttlefish!
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